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Follow along as we update our wee motel in Nelson. 

Our Motel Story

We've been on the look out for a small motel since we moved back to Nelson in 2020 knowing that accommodation was an industry we wanted to try our hand at. When Boutique Motel popped up it felt a little like fate; here was a wee motel in Stoke and only 2km from our cafe. 

What we saw when we looked at Boutique Motel was a very tidy, very clean Nelson motel that had a great location and a tonne of potential. 

Phase One: Out with the red

Phase one of our motel project was to remedy the outdated decor and oversized furniture. Within our first month we swapped out the artwork, updated the bed linen and were busy picking up great pieces of furniture to add character and comfort to each motel room. 

Phase Two: Add personality

We want our motel rooms to feel like a home away from home and to truly embody the "boutique" part of it's name. As we get more familiar with each room, we are able to visualize how we want each space to look and feel and tailor it's contents to suit. 

We also had a bit of time and space to get our paint brushes out, install new curtains and of course, add a touch of greenery.

Phase Three: Take it to the next level

It's been a lot of fun and relatively easy to update what's actually in each motel room, like art and furniture however that's just the beginning. The big stuff, which takes a little more time, is where these motel rooms will really start to transform. As we're coming into Summer in Nelson, we've had to hit pause on our renos for now but we did manage to block out some time this month (Nov 22) to really get stuck in to one of our Classic Studios.